Aerial Antennas

Installation, Service and Sales

Receive Local TV Channels

Aerial Antenna ranges are from 25-35 local HD TV channels depending on location. We guarantee the top local channels: ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and FOX. Rooftop and tower installations available. We will perform a signal strength test and determine the best location and type of antenna for you. Aerial Antennas are typically installed on rooftops, but they can also be installed on towers for better reception.

TV Antenna Sales

Cavemen can sell you the right antenna for your location, the purchase price of the antenna is included in our standard installation. We also sell towers, rotors, and other upgrade options, these are not included in the standard installation price.

TV Antenna Service

If you already have an antenna, but it isn’t working properly, we can repair existing antennas. Cavemen can come out and look at your antenna and determine if you need a new one or if it can be fixed. We can install new parts and troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing.

TV Antenna Installation

$750 Standard Installation: Includes: tripod, antenna, mast, preamplifier and up to 100 feet of co-axle cable. Antenna rotors have an additional $250 installation fee. Some restrictions apply.

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